Whole Life Insurance

The SNPJ Whole Life plan is a permanent plan of insurance that provides lifelong coverage and is guaranteed to be there when you need it. As long as premiums are paid on time, your coverage cannot be cancelled because of change in age or health. SNPJ Whole Life features low premium rates that remain level throughout the life of the policy. In addition to lifetime insurance protection, SNPJ Whole Life also offers cash and loan values, and reduced paid-up insurance options. Dividends are paid on the SNPJ Whole Life plan, and depending on which dividend option you choose, the face amount of the policy can grow.

Advantages of Whole Life insurance from SNPJ

  • least expensive premiums of any permanent plan of life insurance
  • guaranteed benefits
  • guaranteed cash value
  • guaranteed premium that remains level throughout the life of the policy
  • builds cash and loan values which accumulate on a tax-deferred basis
  • proceeds are paid tax-free to your beneficiaries
  • includes options for reduced paid-up insurance
  • good dividend accumulation

SNPJ Whole Life insurance is best for:

Since SNPJ Whole Life is often the most affordable permanent life insurance plan that we offer, and since premium payments are guaranteed throughout the life of the policy, this plan is ideal for anyone looking for lifetime protection. Dollar for dollar, SNPJ Whole Life is a best buy among permanent life insurance plans.

Get a permanent life insurance quote today.

Contact your Lodge secretary or sales agent, or contact the SNPJ Home Office to get a life insurance quote today. We will provide you with competitive insurance rates and help you select the right life insurance products that match your specific needs and budget.

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