SNPJ Lodge 603 - Samsula, FL


The Slovene National Benefit Society (SNPJ) is a not-for-profit fraternal life insurance company dedicated to providing the best in fraternal benefits to our membership and helping them plan for a better tomorrow through permanent life insuranceterm life insurance, and financial products like annuities and IRAs.


The Slovene National Benefit Society was founded in 1904 to offer affordable life insurance to Slovenian immigrants. SNPJ social and fraternal events were a way to preserve the culture of a homeland left behind and build new friendships in America. Of the 1,000 life insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies operating in America, fewer than 100 have been in business as long as we have.

In honor of the founding fathers we have retained our Slovenian initials, SNPJ, an acronym which stands for Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota, meaning Slovene National Benefit Society in English.

According to the American Fraternal Alliance, fraternal benefit societies like the Slovene National Benefit Society provide billions of dollars back to the American public in the form of community service volunteer hours, grants and educational scholarships.

Now open to people of all backgrounds, SNPJ continues to offer a full package of social, athletic and cultural opportunities, along with college scholarships, community service projects and much more. Today, SNPJ is one of America's most progressive fraternal benefit societies, offering a wide range of life insurance and annuity products to individuals and families of all ages.

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1st Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.; Except:June, July and August.