Membership Awards

oldfriends.jpgIn appreciation of their many years of loyal service and dedicated membership in the Slovene National Benefit Society, members reaching 50-, 60-, 70- and 80-year membership milestones are honored each year. These members have helped build SNPJ into an outstanding fraternal organization, and for that, the entire Society is eternally grateful.


In order to be eligible for this recognition, a member must have had an active life insurance policy for the number of years being honored. These policies can be established once the member has reached adult status in the Society at the age of 18.


SNPJ 50-year members: an SNPJ lapel pin
SNPJ 60-year members: a Quill® brand SNPJ logo pen
SNPJ 70-year members: an SNPJ blanket
SNPJ 80-year members: a custom SNPJ afghan

Each honoree also receives a congratulatory letter from the National President recognizing his or her fraternal dedication and achievement. Members receive their awards during their anniversary month, provided they have maintained a continuous, active policy with SNPJ throughout their award month.