Miss SNPJ Pageant

Congratulations to Miss SNPJ 2020 DANIELLA VOLPE (Euclid, Ohio, Lodge 158) and her court!

Miss SNPJ 2020 DANIELLA VOLPE (Euclid, Ohio, Lodge 158) [center]

SNPJ Miss Talent and SNPJ Miss Fraternalism 2020 KRISTINA HARTMAN (Strabane, Pa., Lodge 138) [left]

SNPJ Miss Activity 2020 MALLORY LAMOVEC (Euclid, Ohio, Lodge 158) [right]




Since the first crowning at the National SNPJ Days celebration held in Chicago back in 1956, SNPJ young women have competed for the title of Miss SNPJ and the honor of representing SNPJ as the Society’s “Ambassador of Good Will” during the year of her reign. The crowning of Miss SNPJ is one of the highlights of Slovenefest, SNPJ’s three-day cultural festival held each year at the SNPJ Recreation Center.

The 64th Miss SNPJ Pageant will be held the weekend of
July 10-12, 2020, during the 39th Slovenefest at the
SNPJ Recreation Center.

Meet Miss SNPJ 2020 DANIELLA VOLPE (biography)



An independent panel of judges awards the title of Miss SNPJ to the contestant receiving the most points during the pageant, based cumulatively on several criteria, including: appearance in evening gown, personality and communication skills, community service, and talent.  Participation in the talent competition, while not required, is strongly encouraged. Talent doesn't necessarily mean proficiency on a musical instrument or singing ability; award-winning talents have ranged from arts and crafts to poetry. Creativity is encouraged – everybody has a talent!

Contestants are also asked a variety questions which may focus on current affairs, the Slovene National Benefit Society, or their life ambitions. The SNPJ Executive Committee will award points for activity within SNPJ. Additionally, the titles of SNPJ Miss Talent and SNPJ Miss Activity will be awarded from individual categories, and the pageant contestants will select the winner of the SNPJ Miss Fraternalism title. 

Terms, Conditions & Awards

Eligible participants must be female, single, between the ages of 18 and 28 by July 10, 2020, and a member of SNPJ for at least three months. The young woman who is crowned Miss SNPJ will win a $2,000 scholarship award and an official crown, banner and trophy. She will also have the opportunity to travel and represent SNPJ at a variety of activities.

The winner of the Miss Activity title will be awarded $1,200, Miss Talent will win $800, and Miss Fraternalism will be awarded $150. All pageant contestants will receive a $50 participation award.


Besides the cost of a gown and incidental expenses, the pageant costs nothing! Transportation to the Miss SNPJ Pageant is paid for by SNPJ, as are the expenses for lodging and meals.

If you are interested in entering the Miss SNPJ Pageant, contact SNPJ Fraternal Director Kevin Richards by phoning the SNPJ Home Office at 1-800-843-7675 or e-mailing krichards@snpj.com