Youth Life

girlfishing.jpgSNPJ provides and cares for our youth as well as encourages participation in SNPJ-sponsored activities. Having long prided itself on the development and progress of its Youth Department (originally established as the SNPJ Juvenile Department in 1918), SNPJ continues to provide opportunities for our youth members that build friendships, promote self-respect and insight, nurture growth, teach independence, and give our young members the tools for a lifetime of success. 

Development of Leaders

The SNPJ Youth Department has grown to become a valuable Society asset since its humble beginnings in the early 20th century. As members of a uniquely progressive benefit society, SNPJ leaders realized early on in the Society’s formation that the best means of continuing the promotion of SNPJ principles was through instruction and close contact with its young members — the children of Slovenian immigrants who would eventually develop into SNPJ’s leaders.

Actively Involved Youth

Today, SNPJ youth are invited to participate in Youth Roundup, a weekend summer camp for 7- to 12-year-old members.

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