prosveta_cover.jpgPROSVETA’s Mission: Present the news of the Slovene National Benefit Society, and promote the Slovenian heritage and culture in America.

SNPJ was founded in response to an advertisement published in an early 20th century Slovenian-American newspaper, Glas Svobode. This led 12 Slovenian immigrants to form a new fraternal benefit society, the Slovene National Benefit Society, in April 1904. SNPJ was incorporated in 1907, and beginning in 1908 the Society started publishing its very own newspaper, Glasilo. SNPJ continued to publish Glasilo until July 1, 1916, when the newspaper’s name was changed to PROSVETA (the Slovenian word for “enlightenment”).

SNPJ has been publishing PROSVETA for nearly a century now, and although the newspaper’s frequency has changed to monthly, PROSVETA continues to fulfill its mission.

SNPJ members receive PROSVETA free of charge; information on non-member subscriptions is available by contacting the SNPJ Home Office.

pdf.gif Read the current PROSVETA online issue online as a PDF.