SNPJ Recreation Center the ideal setting for National SNPJ Days

September 26, 2017 - by KEVIN RICHARDS, SNPJ Fraternal Director

IMPERIAL, Pa. — The Fraternal Department and the SNPJ Recreation Center thank everybody who joined us as we celebrated National SNPJ Days at the SNPJ Recreation Center during the Labor Day weekend.

The weekend kicked off on Friday evening, Sept. 1, with a welcome party in the Gostilna featuring the great music of The Polka Bros.

Saturday, Sept. 2, started early as our golfers arrived at Black Hawk Golf Course to compete in the 2017 SNPJ National SNPJ Golf Tournament. Congratulations to Craig Kumer (715) for shooting a 69 to take the actual championship in the men’s division, and to Janice Rockwell (138) and Sara Taylor (138) for tying for actual championship in the women’s division with 99.

Thanks to District 3 Athletic Director John Pierog (776) for helping me with this tournament, and to Robbie Rockwell (138) for watching our hole-in-one hole. Thanks as well to Ron Tkach (138) and Jeff Cadez (138) for helping with the skins game. The Peoria holes selected were holes 2, 6, 8, 16, 17 and 18.

The women’s division of the 2017 SNPJ National Balina Tournament was played on Saturday. Congratulations to the Dolls with Balls team – Ashley Russ (158), Lori Keifer (158), Juli Bosek (564) and Patti Evanish (715) – for winning this tournament.

Thanks to National Secretary Karen Pintar (6) for making sure everything ran smoothly, to Ruth and Nicole Wright (6) and Peggy Cushman (138) for keeping the time during the games, and to Dave Cushman (138) and Ross Snow (6) for keeping the courts swept. These people were extremely helpful both days of this tournament.

We had entertainment on Saturday evening at two venues, catering to a variety of musical tastes. Patty C & The Guys provided some great polka music in the barn, while Dnny and Jnny, a musical duo from Nashville, Tenn., entertained in the Gostilna. Thanks for the great music, everybody.

SNPJ Lodge 782 hosted breakfast in the barn on Sunday morning. Thanks for preparing a wonderful breakfast to start the day!

The men’s division of the 2017 SNPJ National Balina Tournament started Sunday morning. Congratulations to the Bessemer team – Andy Krispinsky (277), Brian Spieler (782), Dan Benyi (643) and Joe Tonya (776) – for winning this year’s tournament.

The competition continued into Sunday afternoon as the 2017 SNPJ National Beanbag Toss Tournament got underway at 2:30 p.m. Congratulations to the duo of Rayne (770) and Josh (715) Randolph for winning the men’s/co-ed division, and to Jan and Liz Smrdel (158) for winning the women’s division for the second year in a row. Thanks to District 1 Athletic Director John Wagner (138) and District 2 Athletic Director John Baselj (6) for running this tournament. Great job, guys!

The fun continued into the day as we were entertained by the great music of the Joe Grkman and Frank Stanger orchestras during the National SNPJ Days picnic. It was great seeing Miss SNPJ 2018 Lauren Sebusch (576) in attendance. I hope you got a chance to say hello and meet this wonderful young lady. She’s already been quite busy, attending many events and picnics in the months following her crowning. She’s doing a great job!

Thanks to Miss SNPJ 2017 Betty Hartman (138) for providing the children’s entertainment, complete with face painting, a pinata and rock decorating. I know the kids truly enjoyed it.

Again, thanks to everyone for taking part in our celebration of National SNPJ Days. We have a beautiful SNPJ Recreation Center, and it’s nice to see our members enjoying it.

I’ll see you at a fraternal event soon!