The Morning Struggle

By Kimberly Gonzalez
SNPJ Associate Editor

When my alarm went off this morning, I really struggled to get out of bed. I’m sure you know the feeling. Actually, I’m sure anyone with an alarm clock knows the feeling: the “my-bed-is-so-warm-and-comfortable-that-I-need-10-more-minutes-before-I-can-face-the-day” feeling. Generally the wake-up struggle finds me on Mondays, when I know a full week awaits. But today is Friday, and Friday wake-ups are usually pretty easy. It’s easy to get up and get going when the weekend is just a few hours away! But for some reason, this morning I struggled.

At first I thought I may still be in vacation mode as I just returned from a five day trip. But I thought back and realized that I was up early every morning to claim a prime spot at the beach. And I couldn’t blame jet lag since I never left the time zone. Then I pointed the finger at the small cold I seem to have brought home as a souvenir. Truth is, however, I’m pretty sure the cold medicine did a good job a keeping me sound asleep all night. So, as I reluctantly headed out the door this morning, I decided to blame the gray, rainy weather for my wake-up struggle.

Interestingly enough, when I came in this morning one of the first things I stumbled across on the web was a video titled “How to Wake Up Feeling Great.” Given the morning’s battle between my bed and my conscience, I had to check it out. Maybe the blame lands on my shoulders? Who knows if this suggestion will help, but I think it will be a perfect test for Monday morning.


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