Measuring Your Christmas Spirit

By Kimberly Gonzalez
SNPJ Associate Editor

It’s hard to believe Christmas is nearly here. Maybe it’s because of the weather – we hit some record-breaking December temperatures over the weekend and the rain washed away any evidence that Santa is on his way. Or maybe it’s because I over prepared – normally a last minute shopper, my gifts have been wrapped and under the tree with plenty of time for me to second guess my all of my “perfect gift” ideas.
No matter the reason, I know I’m not alone. While chatting with some coworkers over lunch last week, we all seemed to agree that our Christmas spirit was lacking this year. But this morning, that changed for me. I heard the story of Delaney “Laney” Brown, an 8-year-old terminally ill Pennsylvania girl who just received word from her doctors that this would likely be her last Christmas. There are always stories around this time of the year that renew our faith in humanity and reassure us that there are nice people out there, and this is definitely one of those tales.

I won’t get all sappy or reiterate the many life lessons that are passed around during the Christmas season. But if you’ve been struggling to find that holiday happiness, I hope this serves as a reminder that your Christmas spirit shouldn’t be measured by the amount of snow on the ground or the amount of gifts under the tree.

Merry Christmas to everyone in SNPJland!


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