Serving Up Punxsutawney Phil. With an Indictment, That Is

By Jay Sedmak
SNPJ Publications Editor/Manager

OK, we get it. Everyone is sick and tired of this year’s looong winter; the winter that wasn’t supposed to be quite so long according to Pennsylvania’s favorite weather prognosticator, Punxsutawney Phil, who predicted an early spring this past February 2.

Noting that this year’s winter has stretched into the early days of spring, one prosecutor in Butler County, Ohio, has indicted dear Punxsutawney Phil on a count of “misrepresentation of spring.” The prosecutor, Mike Gmoser (the “G” is silent), alleges that Phil acted “with prior calculation and design” to cause people to believe that spring would arrive early, and cited “aggravating circumstances” in his call for “the death penalty” as Phil’s punishment. Here’s a more complete article.

As a point of reference, the indictment should indicate that Butler County, Ohio, lies just north of Cincinnati (home of the Bungles, oops... the Bengals), while Punxsutawney is located in reasonable proximity to Pittsburgh (aka: the very heart of Steelers Nation). Enough said. But the video’s rather amusing, and the CNN reporters are having a good time with it!

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