That Just Right Gift

By Jay Sedmak
SNPJ Publications Editor/Manager

Doesn’t it somehow seem strange that the special occasions you’re supposed to remember come in waves? In my case, this is particularly true at this time of the year, mid-March through mid-April. Let’s see... SNPJ Publications Associate Editor Kim Gonzalez has a March 10 birthday, my nephew celebrates his birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, I have two brothers-in-law who share a March 26 birthday and a niece who celebrates on March 27, my wife’s birthday is April 5, my wedding anniversary is April 9, and my mother-in-law’s birthday is April 12. Toss Easter into that mix, and that’s a lot of reminders I have to set. Whoa! Celebration overload!

Now, I’m not a big fan of shopping, so fortunately (for me and the family!) my wife does all the special occasion gift buying – except in the case of her birthday and our anniversary, of course. But even if I was so inclined as to do some shopping on my own, I’m fairly confident I could come up with a pretty decent gift for everyone on my list, even as long as that list is during this festive stretch. And that got me to thinking about gifts for those who aren’t the easiest to buy for.

Actually, what really got me started thinking about gifts was a Google search for “popular blogs.” I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but sometimes – just sometimes – I get writer’s block. Well, not exactly writer’s block; something more like “tapped out” of material to write about. So when in doubt about what to write, go find something on Google!

Today’s Google search led me to a T-shirt website that had a fairly extensive blog and, based on what I’d read, an obviously disturbed following. Sure, it’s a T-shirt website and everybody loves a great T-shirt, but even so I was finding it hard to believe that this was among the more popular blogs. That is until I started reading up on some of the company’s inventory. Talk about something for everyone! And the item that really grabbed my attention: gifts for the phlebotomist.

I don’t know any phlebotomists personally, at least none that I’m aware of, but I’m assuming there’s a market for phlebotomists’ garb that was once devoid of T-shirts, sweatshirts and the like. Well rest assured, phlebotomists: someone out there is catering to your casual garment needs, and doing it in fine fashion (ahem). That may sound tongue-in-cheek, but I was really impressed with the blog post geared toward the style-conscious phlebotomist. I generally don’t promote commercial websites in this forum, but I just had to share that post. Do yourself a favor – click on the tote bag graphic to view the complete line of phlebotomist apparel.

The next time I’m stumped for that just-right special occasion gift, I’ll be sure to remember this blog post and the accompanying website. Hey, you really can’t go wrong with the gift of a T-shirt to begin with, and seeing that even the world’s phlebotomists can be outfitted to the “T” (ahem, again), there must be a wearable gift out there for everyone and every occasion. Hmm... maybe next year I’ll treat myself to a sweatshirt that reads “I’m An Editor, Mark My Words,” perhaps distributed by the Just (Write) Right Apparel Company. On second thought, maybe I’ll save that gift for Kim.


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