The Time Has Come To Start Thinking Spring

By Jay Sedmak
SNPJ Publications Editor/Manager

Enough with the counting and wishful thinking; spring has finally arrived. Although you wouldn’t guess it based on the current state of the weather, winter is officially over and done with, so now it’s time to turn our attention away from winter to, well... spring.

spring cleaning suppliesSpring brings thoughts of Easter (which is just around the corner now), Major League Baseball season (which opens on Easter Sunday this year, by the way) and the IRS tax filing deadline (which may prompt you to reach for the aspirin bottle). Just in case your mind isn’t completely occupied with thoughts of the Easter Bunny, your income taxes and warmer, wetter weather, this is also the time to start thinking about your early-season lawn care routine and spring cleaning, which is everyone’s favorite chore.

Like it or not, spring cleaning is one of life’s necessary evils. The many non-essential items we seem to amass on a regular basis tend to pile up over the winter months, and along with the winter clutter come the grime and dust that collect on every square inch of flooring and each piece of furniture. Sure, it may take a little time – and sometimes a lot of effort – to rid our homes of the winter clutter and dirt, but the time and effort pay off in the end when the house is finally in tip-top order.

While you’re doing your best to get the house in shape for spring, don’t forget to take a look at your life insurance coverage and then take the proper steps to get that in order as well. After you’ve cleaned a few windows, take some time to peer over your insurance policies to ensure you’re properly covered. Be sure to utilize the Life Insurance Needs Calculator on the LIFE Foundation website; it really makes things a lot easier for us non-insurance types.

Tossing out some of the clutter that you’ve been saving up over the winter? Once you’ve completed that task, take a look at your current beneficiary designations to ensure they’re up to date. Proper beneficiary designations are extremely useful when it comes time for a claim to be made on a life insurance policy, and even more important, the policy proceeds (that’s cash, in lay terms) are distributed to your named beneficiaries with no delay.

As you work through the spring cleaning process on your life insurance coverage, you may discover that you need a little help – just as you likely will with those many household spring cleaning chores. If you do need some assistance updating your SNPJ policies, be sure to Contact the SNPJ Home Office online. You may need to complete and submit a form, and if so, you’ll find all the SNPJ Forms online too. We’ve made it easy for you, kinda like one-stop shopping – which is very nice, especially now that we’ll all be so busy thinking spring.

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