The Guess Heard Around the World

By Kimberly Gonzalez
SNPJ Associate Editor

There’s a good chance that over the last few days you’ve heard of Emil de Leon and his “guess heard around the world.” But in case you haven’t, I’ll bring you up to speed.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” contestant Emil de Leon stunned everyone – including himself – by solving a three-word puzzle with just two visible letters. The puzzle, which fell under the “Thing” category, looked like this:

N E _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _

With just 10 seconds to solve, Emil managed to shout out the correct answer… and on his very first guess! As someone who has watched more than her fair share of this television game show, I have to say I was just as shocked as Emil. I often struggle to figure out puzzles that are nearly complete, and I can’t imagine correctly answering a puzzle under such a vague category. Some say it’s possible Emil used a logical and systematical method to solve the puzzle. But, by his expression and the look of shock on host Pat Sajak’s face, I think Emil just made the luckiest guess of his life.

So, what was the magic phrase that solved the puzzle?


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