Building the American Dream

By Denise Herron
SNPJ Marketing Assistant
Originally published in the May 2, 2012, PROSVETA issue

The classic picture of the “American Dream” has always been a cute little house with a white picket fence, mom in the front yard gardening while two kids play nearby with the dog, and everyone waving goodbye as dad happily drives off to work. This picture of success was shared by generations of Americans, and served as a mutual goal that united a nation. We were all aiming for the same dream: get married, buy a home, have 2.4 kids, send the kids to college, and retire comfortably. We held onto the common belief that if we worked hard we would get ahead, and that our children would have an even better chance to succeed in life.

That was then, and this is now. A recent study by a commercial life insurance company found that less than half of those surveyed believe that the American dream is still “work hard and get ahead.” There is no longer a collective goal of upward mobility, and the dream for many is based more on personal goals and values. Seventy percent of those surveyed said you don’t have to be wealthy to achieve your dreams, 70 percent said marriage and children are not essential, and 60 percent said you don’t need to own a home. The American Dream has morphed into more philosophical aspirations such as self-fulfillment, and maintaining meaningful and rewarding relationships.

Even though the survey found that people are pursuing their own personal version of the American Dream, one aspect remains a common component. Almost three quarters of those surveyed said that an important piece to attaining the American Dream is having a financial safety net in place. Most Americans still agree that financial protection is needed in case of an unexpected loss, and they are looking for the safest and most economical products to provide that security.

SNPJ has all the products you need to build your own personal safety net. Our Century Series annuities offer competitive interest rates and provide a savings vehicle that is both flexible and secure. The variety of SNPJ life insurance plans available can be customized to fit just about any situation where a financial cushion is essential in the case of an unexpected death.

Contact the SNPJ Home Office (phone 1-800-843-7675), your local agent or Lodge secretary to find out how we can help you achieve a very important part of your American Dream.

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