Certainly Nothing Like a Horse Race

By Jay Sedmak
SNPJ Publications Editor/Manager

Did you happen to catch the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday? Since I have the feeling that most everyone either tuned-in for those “most exciting two minutes in sports” or caught at least a glimpse of the race results, I have a question to ask all of you: Which horse finished second?

No, this isn’t a trick question. It’s simple – name the horse that placed (finished second) in this year’s Kentucky Derby.  Having a difficult time coming up with the answer? That’s really not surprising, even though the race was run only a few days ago. You’re likely to remember the name of the winning horse, which was California Chrome (and by much more than a just nose), but spitting out the name of the second-place finisher is a little tougher.

It seems that very few people can recall the “also-rans” with any degree of certainty, even in the case of naming the second-place horse at the Kentucky Derby (which some will likely to refer to as the “first loser”). And that bit of uncertainty puts me in mind of why it’s so important to own a sufficient amount of life insurance coverage: outside of death and escalating taxes, nothing in life is certain.

If you’ve been an SNPJ member for a while, you’re well aware of how much – and how often – we at the Home Office preach of the need for members to purchase additional life insurance coverage. And why do we do so? That’s an easy answer: to provide our members with some financial means to assist them in uncertain times. When you purchase a permanent or term SNPJ life insurance policy, or invest in an SNPJ IRA or Century Series annuity, you are helping your loved ones face the future with at least a bit of certainty – the certainty that the benefits offered by that SNPJ product will be available when they’re most needed. Who knows when those uncertain times will roll around? You don’t, and we don’t either. But your foresight and planning are backed by SNPJ, and we’ve insured thousands of members’ lives over the past 110 years.

Since you’ve read this far, I’ll reward you with the answer to my question: Commanding Curve finished second in this year’s Kentucky Derby, followed by Danza in third. (Just in case you missed the race, you can catch it on the video below.) Will you remember that win-place-show order now? Maybe, or maybe not.

Oh, there is just one other thing certain in life: SNPJ is second to none when it comes to fraternal life insurance, which further illustrates why your investment in an SNPJ life insurance policy is far from a gamble (like betting the ponies) – quite the contrary, it’s a win-win proposition!

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